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Sand Cloud Beach Blankets Review

Summer is the perfect time to hit the beach and enjoy the sun and surf. And what could be better than having a Sand Cloud Beach towel to keep you warm and dry? These towels are made of high-quality bio degradable materials to keep you comfortable while you relax on the beach.

It is made of 100% Turkish cotton and is extremely soft. The Sand Cloud Beach Towel is a great investment for anyone looking for a high-quality beach towel.

Sand Cloud also sells marine life friendly and eco sensitive designed swimwear, clothing, and accessories.

I was able to test out a Sand Cloud Beach towel, and I was very impressed with its performance.

Sand Cloud Beach Towels: The Why

Sand Cloud’s first product was their beach towel which grabbed the attention of judges on the Shark Tank show. Robert Herjavec invested in the Sand Cloud.

The brand has been hailed as one of the fastest-growing companies by Inc Magazine, and has partnered with organizations like Ryan’s Recycling for beach cleanups. 

Sand Cloud donates about 10% of profits to several non-profit organizations like the Surfrider Foundation, Marine Conservation Institute, and the Pacific Marine Mammal Center that are involved in marine conservation activities like beach clean up, rehabilitation of ocean animals, environmental education etc. 


  • Towels, apparel, and accessories made with sustainable materials
  • 10% of profits go to Marine Life Conservation Charities
  • Towels are sand-resistant, quick-drying, and packable 
  • Get 5% off, 15% off, or free shipping when signing up for their newsletter
  • Afterpay payment options available
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee


  • Pricier than other beach towels

A potential drawback is the price of the towels: they range from $48 for one towel such as the Santa Fe Green, to $148 for an extra large towel such as the Nesting Turtles Party Blanket, and a four towel Blanket Bundle will cost you $345. This is a steep price for a towel, when compared to some cheaper options like Wekapo beach blankets.

Look and Feel

Sand Cloud believes in making beach days enjoyable for all. That includes people, the ocean, and those that inhabit it. This Sand Cloud review will feature the brand’s best-selling towels, bundles, and accessories, all designed with the ocean in mind.

Sand Cloud’s XL towel measures approximately 60” x 68” inches. I ordered Boho purple pattern towel. The color pattern on the website is a bit dull than in reality. It is more vibrant than mentioned.

The XL towels feature tassel fringe along the shorter sides.

best beach blanket and accessories

The Sand Cloud beach towel is sand resistant, easy to dry and highly compact and easy to carry. It can easily folds up into purse or carry bag. Coming in a rainbow of hues and patterns, the 60″ x 68″ towel is made from soft, organic Turkish cotton and comfortably seats 2-3 people.

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Size and Portability

The first thing you’ll notice is just how thin these towels are. You can stack two, or even three, of Sand Cloud’s bath towels before reaching the thickness of one standard towel; in addition, the bath towels are bigger than a standard bath towel, meaning you can really, truly wrap the towel all the way around yourself after a nice shower.

Sand Resistance

Before I knew I’d be able to go to the beach, I took the XL towel to the sandiest place in the city I knew: a volleyball court in the park. After fussing with it in the sand for several minutes for the purpose of this photo, I actually was pretty impressed that the sand did seem to shake right off.

The towel is going to see park lawns pretty frequently, so I’m happy to report that the towel also shook off bits of dirt, hay and grass that normally would have stuck to my old towel and ended up all over my floors.

Dry Time

One of the main draws to Sand Cloud is the quick-drying towel that is also resistant to sand. All of their products are made out of quality, sustainable materials, and 10% of their profits go to marine life conservation charities such as Surfrider Foundation, the Marine Conservation Institute, and the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

There isn’t much to dislike about a brand that not only has useful products but also makes it a mission to preserve our oceans and marine life.

Final Thoughts

Sand Cloud towels are much more than that though, and can have multiple uses whether it’s blanket, beach towel, conventional towel, sarong, headwrap, and even as a wall decoration. Generally, the only thing that holds consumers back is the price but Sand Cloud customers all state that it’s worth the investment, and many have returned for more.

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