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Best Premium beach blankets and accessories under $200

A beach blanket is a must-have accessory if you are frequent to beach camping or hiking, even if you love outdoor activities.

Beach blankets are water- and sand-proof and let you comfortably sip those cocktails after indulging in watersports or surfing in the water. These blankets come in many sizes and colors.

The Beach blankets and accessories are compact and lightweight and can also be used during camping, picnics, and hikes. Our well-researched list of beach blankets and tips on how to pick the right beach blanket can help you buy a suitable one.

Looking for premium sand-proof beach blankets and accessories for your next trip?

We’ve found something that deserves a spot on your packing list. These picks are sure to make your day at the beach even more enjoyable.

Here are few hand-picked premium beach blankets and beach accessories under $200 for you:

round beach towel

CJTMY Round Microfiber Boho Beach Towel

  • Thick and soft Mandala print towel
  • Fade resistant high quality color pattern
  • Can fit 2 people easily
  • Quick dry and sand resistant
  • Soft on skin, best for sunbathing
south bay beach towel

South Bay Beach Life Oversized Beach Towels

  • Thick and large luxurious beach towel
  • Hole in the center for umbrella stand
  • Soft and quick dry absorbent material
  • Soft on skin, best for picnic
  • The custom, larger shape caters to all sizes of people, from small children, to large adults.
  • Portable – can be rolled up into leather strap
Business & Pleasure Co. Premium Beach Blanket

Business & Pleasure Co. Premium Beach Blanket

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Fade resistant high quality color pattern
  • beach blankets are fast drying, durable and breathable
  • Extra spacious for family and friends
  • Soft on skin, best for sunbathing
  • Leather carry strap for easy portability
  • Hole in the center for umbrella stands
  • Machine washable
Kassatex cabana beach towel

Kassatex Cabana Stripe Beach Towels (Set of 2)

  • Cabana Beach Towels absorb quick and is superfast to dry
  • 100% long staple Turkish cotton
  • Yarn Dye Stripe, Made in Turkey, 525 gsm
  • Beach Towels are generously sized at 40 x 70 inches
  • Available in 10 different colors, this set contains 2 Navy Striped Beach Towels

How to take care of your premium beach blankets

When you go to the beach, it’s important to bring a towel to dry off with. Beach blankets are different than regular blankets because they are designed to dry quickly in the sun and sand. Here are some tips on how to take care of your beach towel:

  • Always shake off your towel before putting it away to remove any sand. This will help keep the sand from getting inside the fabric and making it harder to clean.
  • If your towel does get sandy, try using a vacuum cleaner to remove the sand.
  • Don’t wash your beach towel in a regular washing machine. The high heat can damage the fabric. Instead, wash it by hand in cold water and air dry it.
  • Store your beach towel in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Best Premium Beach Blankets of 2022 Buying Guide

There are few key features you should look for for while buying a premium beach blanket.

When it comes to finding the perfect premium beach blanket, there are a few things you need to consider.

Fabric should be the first filter of buying any beach blanket. A beach blanket should be lightweight and portable; you’ll want to go with a blanket made out of fleece, cotton mix or nylon.

If you’re looking for something that’s going to keep you warm, then you’ll want to go with a blanket made out of a natural fiber like cotton or wool.


If I’m going to hit the beach, I’d definitely love to have some extra space on my blanket. Something that’s big enough to cover my entire body.

On the flip side, while going for a picnic or camping trips, a smaller blanket will do the trick.

Always try to avoid extra small sizes. While backpacking for beach or hiking on mountains, you might have some gears with you.

Medium size or large size beach blankets are enough to fit all of your gear and yourself.


Durability is highly neglected feature while buying a cheap beach blanket. But you should always check for durability for longer usage.

Durability ensures you don’t stuck with a torn beach blanket on a beach or forest while camping.


The quality of material used in creating a beach blanket is crucial because it dictates quality and durability.

I always plan for a beach blanket that can withstand heat and water pressure. Usually nylon is considered one of the best fabric to use for creating a beach blanket, as it is sand proof, light, and waterproof.

The following are some of the best parachute nylon beach blankets on the market today:

Parachute nylon is also extremely durable, as it is used to construct parachutes, but it can be bit uncomfortable for those having sensitive skin.

For people with sensitive skin condition, Fleece beach blankets can be handy. Fleece is a comfortable material but it is not 100% waterproof. Hence, you need to stay a bit away from water source.

A lot of manufacturers claim they add layers of waterproof materials with fleece to make it waterproof and durable. The following beach blankets are made of fleece and other water-resistant fabrics and can be comfortable at beach:


Going to beach means your beach blanket must be water resistant else you might end up drying your blanket for long.

Some blankets come with additional features like built-in pockets or straps, which can be handy for holding onto your belongings while you’re swimming or sunbathing.


Handling a beach blanket can be tricky. You need to know the difference in handling 3 layer vs single layer beach blanket.

Beach blankets with a single layer nylon material are typically machine washable. You can see it on the instructions provided on the packaging or product description.

I mostly use single layer polyethylene or nylon beach blankets that are machine washable.

Some of the recommended machine washable beach blankets are:

genovega beach blanket

On the other hand, 3 layer beach blankets or multi layer beach blankets need to be hand-washed. Putting these beach blankets in the washing machine can cause wear and tear. The layers will likely separate.


Finally, consider your budget – beach blankets price range starts from $10 up to $200. Select your next best beach blanket wisely.

Conclusion: Why to buy a premium beach blanket?

A premium beach blanket is especially designed for comfort at beach without the hassle of the sand sticking to your body. You can lie down on the beach blanket and relax comfortably.

If you are an avid beach lover or adventure enthusiast, beach blanket is a must-have item i n your bag. You can find one of the best beach blankets from above list.

Beach blankets are one of the highly checked item of travelling essentials. These blankets have essential features sand proof design, water-resistant material, durability, integrated carrying cases, and weighted corners that will make your life easy at the beach.

There is a big range of great beach blankets available in the market. Whether you love to share your blanket with friends like me, looking for beach blankets for kids or like to enjoy your personal space, there is sure to be a perfect choice for you.

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