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Ocoopa Beach Blankets Review 2022

If you’re looking for a unique and stylish beach blanket, look no further than the Ocoopa Beach blankets. This vibrant blanket is perfect for a day at the beach.

The soft and plush fabric of Ocoopa beach blanket is sure to keep you warm. The bright colors are sure to look stylish.

Ocoopa beach blankets are machine-washable, making it easy to keep clean.

These blankets are highly portable. Just throw it in your back trunk, whether you are heading to a spring camping or a backyard party, or sunbathing at beach, you’ll never regret.

Ocoopa beach blanket Features

The blanket is made of 100% cotton and has a colorful striped pattern. It’s also big enough to fit a few people comfortably, so you can relax with your friends or family. Additionally, the Ocoopa beach blanket is machine-washable, so you can keep it looking new for seasons to come.

Our Overall Review

We have thoroughly tested – and read reviews from other experts and users. In summary, this is what we think:

Why to buy:

pro One of the most durable beach blankets

pro Sand Free, Quick Dry and Super Absorbent

pro Soft, portable and lightweight

pro Washable and stain-resistant

pro Mold & mildew resistant

Why NOT to buy:

cons Avoid placing sharp objects

cons Keep away from fire source

Large yet Compact.

Ocoopa beach blanket can accommodate up to 8 persons. The Diveblues S09 extra large variant measures at 10ft by 9.2ft. You can comfortably enjoy your family picnic at beach.

This beach blanket is Ultra-Compact and easily foldable in the bag that comes with it.

Sand proof & Machine washable

Ocoopa beach blankets leave the sand to where it belongs. Just shake the sand and dirt off. Water resistant fabric keeps moistures off.

Ocoopa beach blankets are machine-washable, making it easy to keep clean.

Cozy & Chic

Ocoopa beach blankets are made of 100% breathable Parachute nylon, which is ripstop, durable, long-lasting, and with great quality of workmanship in gorgeous colors.

It’s your perfect companion for your adventures and vacations.

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User Friendly

These beach blankets Come with 4 ABS Plastic stakes and reinforced anchor loops, and 4 corner sand pockets to keep the blanket grounded.

Ocoopa beach blanket Cost

The Ocoopa Beach Blanket is a must-have for any beach-goer. At $39.99 it’s an affordable way to keep yourself and your belongings dry and sand-free. The blanket is made of 100% cotton and has a water resistant coating, making it perfect for the beach or park. It also comes with a carrying case for easy transport.

How does Ocoopa beach blanket work

Ocoopa beach blanket is a unique product that has taken the market by storm. The blanket is made of 100% cotton and is designed to keep you cool and comfortable on those hot summer days at the beach.

Ocoopa’s special fabric weave allows for air to flow through, keeping you cool while you relax.

The blanket is also lightweight and easy to transport, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Where To Buy:

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Ocoopa Diveblue Beach Blanket

How to choose best Beach Blankets


A beach blanket is mainly used for beach camping or sunbathing. It is meant to get wet. It should be water resistant and should be comfortable to sit on when you are wet.

Being a beach blanket, it must be sand resistant and thick enough to not get blown away by lighter winds.

Sand Cloud beach blanket is one of the best quality beach blanket you can try to stand stronger wind and cold.


Beach blankets are designed to be portable as its primary characteristic. Some beach blankets may vary in portability than others.

Some options like wekapo beach blanket, have polyester bag attached to fold in, while some beach blankets like CGear incorporate tote handles in their design for this specific purpose. Few beach blankets like Genovega Beach blanket just folds up like regular scarves.

Whichever you choose is a matter of personal preference and storage capacity.

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