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CGear Sandlite Sand Free Beach Blanket Review

CGear SandLite Sand Free Mat is a great mat for the beach goers. It is lightweight, portable, and keeps the sand away. The mat is also spacious enough for 5-7 people to sit on comfortably.

I was able to test out the Sky Blue Checked version of SandLite Sand-Free mat during last few visits to beach and camps. I was impressed with the stability of the mat while being so low weight when gusty winds couldn’t blow away the mat.

One thing great about the CGear beach blankets apart from the stability is how effortlessly you can clean and pack it. I tested Rumpl puffy blankets also which were a bit tedious to pack initially. But CGear was smooth af to clean and pack.

After trying it out myself, I can say this would be a welcome addition to beach goers or boaters. It is one of the best beach blankets under $100.

cgear best beach blanket

CGear Sandlite Sand-Free Mat

  • One of the most durable blankets out there
  • It offers protection against sand, water, and UV rays
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft, comfortable and durable

Where To Buy:

cgear sandlite mat

CGear Sandlite Navy Quilted Beach Blanket

Features of CGear Sandlite Mat

Comfort – CGEAR’s Sandlite series is made with nylon material. It features the only patented sand-free technology on the market to offer versatile, cutting-edge comfort.

Patented Two-Layer System – Sandlite’s secret is a precisely engineered system of layered weave that allow sand, dirt, and dust to fall through the fabric without being able to come back up.

Suitable for All Needs – Sandlite comes in different sizes – small, medium and large. Small size offers plenty of room for one person. Medium is great for couples while Large variant accommodates up to five people.

Compact Carry Bag – All CGear mats roll to a compact size and feature a carrying handle that can be used as a carry bag.

Water-Resistant – CGear beach blankets are made with polyethylene making it water resistant. No need to worry about strong ocean waves now.

UV Resistant – All CGear accessories uses UV Resistant materials that let you enjoy sun bathing or camping.

Perfect For Everything Outdoors – In addition to sun bathing on the beach, CGear Sandlite sand free mats are great for stretching, picnic, camps, backpacking, and protecting important equipment.

Durable For Repeated Use – CGEAR Beach blankets are made with the technology that was originally developed for the military. These beach blankets are still made to withstand a lifetime of rugged use.

CGear’s Patented Technology

CGEAR’s Sandlite Sand Free Mat is the only product made with patented technology to offer a truly sand-free experience.

Here’s how it works: Layers of precisely engineered polyester are staggered to form a type of conveyor belt. These Layers are designed to have hollow space in such a way that particles of sand, dirt, and dust fall through rather rather than to sit on its surface.

Due to the use of staggered layers, sand can not back up the mat.

CGear beach blankets are made with polyethylene just like Sand Cloud Beach blankets. It keeps sand from sticking to the mats. It falls through naturally and is quickly removed with the swipe of a hand.

Your new beach blanket won’t turn into a sail at the beach – all thanks to these patented weave that lets air to pass through the layers.

These layers are soft, ultra thin and comfortable.

It’s versatile and easy portable, suited for whether you need it, be it for a day at the beach or carting it along on an backpacking outdoor adventure, as it rolls up like a sleeping bag.


SMALL  – 3’4″ x 6’6″ – offers plenty of room for one person. Weighs upto 0.8kg
MEDIUM – 5’1″ x 6’6″ – is great for couples. Weighs Upto 1.1kg
LARGE – 6’6″ x 6’6″ – accommodates up to five people. Weighs upto 1.4kg

Where To Buy:

cgear sandlite mat

CGear Sandlite Navy Quilted Beach Blanket

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